My research expertise is in the applications of machine learning and deep learning with applications to computer vision and natural language processing. I have worked on a variety of applied research projects and specialize in the introduction of machine learning and deep learning-based solutions to traditional industry problems. I have also technical lead research projects into products and my passion lies in solving challenging research problems and taking those solutions into products and improving business. I am a complete hands-on guy with a "roll up the sleeves and get the job done" attitude all the time!

Work Experience

Senior Research Scientist @ IBM Research AI

NOV 2015 - Current

0. Data Quality for AI: I am currently the technical lead in a new strategic area of "Data Quality for AI". Stressing on the importance of data in the AI lifecycle, the aim of this project is to solve the quality problems in the world of data and prepare the data to be AI-ready. We are building a system and toolkit called "Data Readiness Toolkit for AI"

1. Neural Network Modeller: I served as the technical lead for this project: Problem formulation from scratch -> Filing Disclosures -> Writing Research Papers (NeurIPS 2019, AAAI 2018, ICSE NIER 2017) -> Building Prototyping -> Presenting to clients, workshops, business partners -> Writing product level code -> Leading the team into product integration -> Product Release @ IBM Think Event 2018! This system helps in the extreme rapid prototyping of deep learning models and the implementation of state of art papers.

2. Machine Learning for Creativity: Served as the Global Technical co-lead (2018) for IBM Research AI for the research growth strategy "Machine Learning for Creativity - Building Creative Assistants". Got the prestigious IBM Research recognition award for serving as a global technical co-lead in the Global Technical Outreach AI Leadership program, 2018. We worked on a system "PersuAIDE" to create/generate more creative and persuading taglines and images (published in WWW 2018, KDD workshop 2017).

3. iSight: Lead researcher for project iSight, which aims in creating a cognitive automated system to extract the error context for SAP system screenshots and to supply a structured resolution procedure, mined from previous instances of data.

Teaching Experience

Visiting Faculty@ IIIT Bangalore, India

Jan 2019 - May 2019
Grad Level course on Visual Recognition (Course Information)

Teaching a graduate level course on “Visual Recognition“ at IIIT Bangalore between Jan - May 2019. This course is at the intersection of Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

Visiting Faculty@ ISME Bangalore, India

Oct 2019 - Dec 2019
Foundations of Machine Learning (Course Information)

Teaching a introductory course on “Machine Learning“ at ISM Bangalore between Oct - Dec 2019. This course is for MBA students who does not have a CS/Math background with heavy emphasis on taking ML to business.


Lane Department, West Virginia University (Visiting Research Scholar )

June 2014 - October 2014
Guidance of Prof. Afzel Noore

Eye gaze analysis for latent fingerprint matching: Analyzing the eye gaze patterns of experts while matching latent prints, provides insights of the process and heuristics used by the experts. The gained insights can be used to design better algorithms for automated latent fingerprint matching.

HongKong Polytechnic University (Visiting Research Scholar)

June 2011 - August 2011
Guidance of Dr. Ajay Kumar

Feature level fusion of fingerprints: Propose a novel generic framework to fuse information from multiple data sources at feature level, instead of at match score level or decision level. The framework was applied in fingerprints to use multiple fingers of a person as a more confident biometric than using a single finger.


Doctorate of Philosophy (CS)@ IIIT Delhi

July 2010 - Aug 2017
Guidance of Dr. Mayank Vatsa and Dr. Richa Singh

Thesis title: "Learning Representations of Matching Fingerprint Variants" (More info)

Undergraduate studies (CS) @ Coimbatore Institute of Technology

August 2006 - April 2010

Undergraduate thesis title: "Multi-resolution image query using Haar transformation and image tagging"



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Peer-reviewed Conferences

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Technical Reports

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